Steel Mace

Ancient Weapon Turned Training Tool

The Steel Mace or “Gada” was originally used as a deadly weapon in warfare by Hindu and Persian warriors in the 13th century. Due to its functionality and ease of use, Pelwhani wrestlers started using the Mace for physical training. The mace holds almost the entirety of its weight in the ball head which results in uneven weight distribution thus engaging smaller stabilizing muscles around our joints which will increase your core and rotational strength. Therefore making the Steel Mace workout the epitome of functional training. 


Unparalleled Craftsmanship 

Set For Set Steel Maces are forged from hand-sculpted cast iron, sporting an expertly crafted head that is welded onto the knurled steel grip handle; our steel maces are virtually indestructible.

Hand Sculpted -100% Steel Composition
Knurled Grip Handle
Black Matte Powder Coat
Virtually Indestructible

Head Diameter: 4.3"
Length: 37"

Head Diameter: 4.88"
Length: 43"

    What Size Is Right For You?

    SET FOR SET Steel Maces are available in two different weight options 15LB and 20LB. 

    We suggest starting with the 15LB steel mace until you master movements such as 10 to 2, 360 swing, Gravedigger, and the Barbarian squat. The beauty of the mace is that you can increase the difficulty by moving your hands closer together towards the end of the handle or make it easier by using a spread-out grip with one hand closer to the head while the other remains towards the bottom.

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